5 Simple Encouraging Compliments Every Mom Needs To Hear

"Moms: the only people who know the true meaning of 24/7."

Whether a new mom, experienced mom, or wise and mature mom, compliments are a small, but great way to show our moms of the world some love and appreciation. Let these simple, encouraging, and uplifting compliments be a reason why a mom feels seen, heard, and loved. But lets not compliment a mom just to validate her motherhood, compliment her because she needs reminding. Compliment her because you genuinely believe in the power of being a mom. 

1. "You're doing a great job."

More often than not, moms are being critiqued and shamed. There is always something moms "should" or "shouldn't" be doing, feeling, thinking, etc. It's very easy to judge a mom or to hear from friends, family, partners, and even strangers that your parenting is wrong/flawed/too much/too soft. The world seems to know more of what does NOT make a great mom vs. on how to ACKNOWLEDGE the great things moms do or have done. 

Let's acknowledge moms for all of their sacrifices, such as their bodies, careers, personal needs, sleep, sanity and other selfless acts. Being a mom requires dedication, patience, and unconditional love. And yet, even with all of her love, care, and nurturing, she may still wonder if she is doing "enough." Moms may (silently) struggle with "mom insecurities," which is why judging a mom can be detrimental and is never helpful. What IS helpful are encouraging and uplifting words or reassurance that she knows what to do and to trust her own judgment/instincts. 

*If a mom is worried about or questioning whether or not she is doing a good job, she is most likely doing a GREAT job. 

2. "You're a good/amazing/beautiful mom."

She wants the best for her child, she knows what makes her child happy and healthy, she always puts her child's needs above her own, and she is willing to make changes or sacrifices to create a safe and secure environment for her child, then she is obviously a good, amazing, and beautiful mom

3. "Treat yourself. You deserve it!"

If it's one thing I know moms struggle with, it is treating herself to something that makes her happy. Whether it is a new shade of lipstick, a pair of (not mom) jeans, sexy-ish underwear, a slice (or two) of cake, or a glass of wine, moms need to know that they deserve to be happy (because they are constantly wanting and trying their best to make sure their children/family are happy). 

4. "Take some time for yourself, you've worked hard."

Lots of moms feel guilty when they want time alone - this is especially true for stay-at-home moms. It is this notion of "if a mom feels like she needs to get away, then she must not love her children enough," when in most cases, it's actually quite the opposite. It is because she loves her children so much that she needs time alone to think, feel, and be herself as an individual

Time alone gives mom a chance to tend to her own personal needs, which is often pushed to the back-burner, and helps her regain a sense of peace, calm, and clarity. It encourages moms to see themselves as important and worthy of their own selfless love, too. 

5. "Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do."

Because you could never go wrong with an expression of appreciation. Note that the word EVERYTHING is in CAPS because moms usually do EVERYTHING.

* Do you have MORE ideas on simple, encouraging compliments that every mom needs to hear? Share them in the comments below!


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